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ISO Certification for Manufacturing Precision casting Products
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Investment Castings, Precision Castings by Lost Wax Process in india by Precimetal Cast Pvt. Ltd, a professionally managed company with more than 20 years of experience in Manufacturing Investment Castings Products... Read More

What Is Investment Castings ?
Investment casting / precision casting or The lost wax Castings derived from the ancient casting method used among Egyptians. Now, Its most prefered method to produce dimensionally accurate high-precision casting components ........  Read More

ISO Certification for Manufacturing Investment casting Products
Investment Casting's Field of Application
General Engineering
Instrumentation & Control
Valves & Pump Industries
Defence Equipments
Automotive Industries
Printing Machineries
Pharmaceutical Machineries
Dental / Orthopedic Implants
Agriculture Equipments
Power & Handtools
Machine Tools
Transportation Equipments
Fire Fighting Equipments
Aviation Industries
Textile & Sewing Machineries
Food Processing Machineries
Quality     Our Approch     Investment Casting By Lost Wax Process
Our company is an ISO 9001 : 2000 certified company by TÜV India Ltd and fully equipped with all types of modern manufacturing equipments like Spectrometer, Hydraulic Injection Press, Fully Air Conditioned Wax Assembly and Slurry Coating Rooms, Induction Furnace, Mechanical Pneumatically operated vibrating machines, PID Controlled H.T. Furnace etc..
Our company is also approved by I.B.R. for manufacturing castings under inspection of I. B. R. – 1950.
We manufacture all types of Ferrous based materials confirming to various Indian as well as International Standards.

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  investment castings by lost wax process  
As a first step, our well-qualified personnel of engineering department will evaluate the drawing   and shall     prepare in-house casting drawing in accordance with achievable investment casting   tolerances as per     National & International standards of Investment Castings.....
The castings are thoroughly inspected that is visually/dimensionally. Thereafter, the castings are ready for     shipment to customer.
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  investment castings by lost wax process  
The Investment casting by Lost-wax process techniques was derived from the ancient casting method.....
The Lost-wax casting process starts from injecting molten wax into a designed Mould to form Wax     Pattern of the desired component....

There are many advantage of Investment Castings like........
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